Mavim is the market leader in the field of business process management in the Netherlands. Mavim provides ‘Rules’ software to connect, manage and communicate all process related information. This software is being used by more than 1.000 users. Right now they are quickly becoming an international player with appealing business partners like EY, Microsoft and Infor (Top 3 ERP provider in the world).

CEO Jean-Jacques Vossen: “Mavim is focussed on growth. In the Netherlands we have got a sales operations department with talented and highly qualified graduates that are giving all of our customers more attention than what used to be the case. In addition to that, they follow up on reactions on our YouTube channel, downloads, and other responses. Such a group comes forth with new ideas and they are our future marketing-, account- or alliance managers. We required some support for our trainings programme to accomplish our goals, so we have asked Salesmarketeer to execute this with us”.

“Salesmarketeer developed our people to a level of self-management during a personal trainings programme of 2 days a week. They trained their knowledge and skills in the fields of marketing, lead qualification and telesales for clients and new business. Aside from the plenary theoretical modules, they are working on their own sales cases with a Salesmarketeer coach beside them. It does not get any more practical than that!” This is what Kim and Fer have to say about their training: Fer: “I have grown enormously in account- and campaign management and I have made a good personal development as well”. Kim: “The trainers of Salesmarketeer are capable of getting everybody to get the most out of themselves”.

Jean-Jacques Vossen: With this inside function we are now able to make our model scalable. I can now focus my attention on international growth. Because of the positive evaluations of Main Capital and Gartner, we can conquer the world together with EY and Microsoft. They have all achieved their targets and are more productive than ever. Now, we are also having sessions for all account managers in order to keep everybody up-to-date on social selling and the use of LinkedIn and Twitter. Great! I see a group of enthusiastic, eager to learn talents, with fresh ideas that want to learn continuously, and with a passion to score!”



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